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as easy to use as regular mail and texting

Send secure messages to anyone, also on first-contact, with no changes to your devices, apps, email addresses, providers, or DNS. Use what you've got and enable recipients to securely read and send back their reply, with no setup, cost, or hassle to recipients. Works on the desktop and phones, also for texting (SMS), fax, voicemail, and file transfer.

How does it work?
To read, follow the instructions in the ZSentry message that you received, on the desktop or phone. After authentication as requested by the sender, you can read / save the message, view / save attachments, and to reply securely just click the button  Secure Quick Reply 

That's all! As defined by the sender, the reply will be sent by email or texting»

Why is it free to read and reply?
We know that the most valuable emails for your organization are usually the emails that you receive. With ZSentry, you can make them secure, regulatory compliant, and free to send to you.

How is the setup?
None. The service is provided without setup or burdening the recipient with anything more than a single touch. Just like with regular email or texting, there is no password to send to the recipient, no signup, cost, installation, setup, or any extra demands. Recipients can use any desktop, tablet or phone.

Registered users also see a Secure Reply link, which integrates seamlessly with their Mail clients» in the desktop and phone, also for texting, making ZSentry as easy to use as regular mail and texting for sending and replying securely.

Senders can select how the recipient must be authenticated, allowing the message to be securely decrypted for reading and reply. The reply data is encrypted before transmission, and ZSentry creates a securely encoded message back to the original sender.

See for yourself. Click FREE Trialclick

Can my customers / patients also send me a free, secure ZSentry message?
Yes, and with no setup. To enable, first send them a "starter" ZSentry mail, using the recipient's regular email address (any provider) or phone number for texting. The recipient can then reply securely to you by using the Secure Quick Reply button in the "starter" message. You can receive the secure reply by email, texting, or both.

For example, you can send ZSentry mails to your customers with expired credit cards, asking them to reply securely with updated information. The secure email you send has no privacy concerns but is your customer's "ticket" to send back the secure information you want, with a secure copy to you and (optional) another to your ZSentry Secure Vault»
Optional: Senders can request a ZSentry Return Receipt» back upon delivery, which easily allows them to know When, Where, and How customers read the message. You may use this information to customize service and sales, for example. Recipients may also be able to request this delivery option.

Can I use this service to securely forward fax, voicemail, images, and files to a recipient?
Yes. You just add the file as an attachment and send, using email or texting as desired. You do not need to be concerned how the recipient will read your message, as ZSentry works both on the desktop and phone (depends on device's capability). Read more»

Can recipients send back attachments?
Yes, if the sender's account includes this option and it is enabled for the received message.

How does ZSentry protect the information I send?
The information you send will be protected by encryption before sending, it is encrypted per message, requires the recipient's positive identity confirmation according to the sender's choice (see "How is the service controlled?"), can be read only after the recipient's device and mailbox authentication» with verification provided by using multiple, independent means.

Senders can use a number of security options available for customers, such as requiring recipient login, requesting a Secure Vault copy (requires the sender's login to read) for regulatory compliance with message archiving, and a Return Receipt that sends back to the sender information on When, Where, How, and Who read the message, every time that it is read. Senders can also set the message to Self-Destruct (the default is 15 days), to define the time allowed to use the message and take control (technically and legally) when the information can be used.

How does ZSentry protect the information that the recipient sends back?
The information sent back by the recipient will be protected by encryption before sending and encrypted per message, encoded only to the original sender. It will require the original sender's positive identity confirmation for reading, can be read only after device and mailbox authentication» with verification provided by using multiple, independent means.

The recipient can also easily set her own sender choices, such as requesting a Secure Vault copy for herself (will require signup and login to read), and a Return Receipt that sends back to the original recipient the information on When, Where, How, and Who read her message, every time that it is read. She can also set her message to Self-Destruct (the default is 15 days), to reduce the time allowed to use the message.

How is the service controlled?
There are two choices: Free Reply and Free Reply With Login, selected by the sender.

Free Reply is the default ZSentry sender choice, and does not require the recipient to register or login. This is the most usable choice for recipients, when sending secure email. It provides challenge-response device and mailbox authentication, login monitoring, and expiration control. Recipients can read and reply securely to the sender, but cannot use ZSentry to forward or reply to anyone else. This choice may also enable recipients to send back attachments. Recipients can use customer support by email.

Free Reply With Login is the alternative choice. It is selected when a ZSentry sender requires recipient signup, or also login. Recipient signup and login may be provided free of charge, and are controlled by ZSentry without burdening recipients or the sender in providing passwords for recipients or pre-enrolling recipients. This choice may also enable recipients to send back attachments, read their own Secure Vault files of email that they sent, use password reset 24/7, and use customer support by email.

How about our partners, suppliers, and BYOD for staff?
We know that, for a number of reasons including cost and management, it is usually not viable to include customers, partners, providers, and suppliers in a secure email account provided by an enterprise. This issue is becoming more important with BYOD ("bring your own device") and the consumerization of the enterprise. However, there are regulatory and security needs for enterprises to communicate securely beyond the enterprise borders, with practically anyone and often on first contact.

ZSentry free reading and reply services satisfy these needs, helping assure regulatory compliance for the enterprise with zero cost and no burden for recipients.

What if a patient wants to email her doctor concerning treatment?
Patients may initiate communications with a health care provider using email, according to HIPAA. However, providers may have concerns about potential liability under the HIPAA Privacy Rule [see 45 C.F.R. 164.530(c)], including their determination whether a patient is aware of the possible risks of using unencrypted email. If the patient uses ZSentry through the free Secure Quick Reply service, those questions do not arise.

Doctors tell us that they would like to strengthen their physician-patient relationship. And patients actually want to email their doctors. Email can help, like few things could, with the secure "Free Patient-to-Physician Email" using ZSentry, which also works for texting (as desired).

How can ZSentry help my organization?
Regulatory compliance for privacy protection is a mandatory need in federal and state law for organizations in private and public sectors, and not only for health-care providers. Customers tell us that their organizations would like to incur a minimum cost and work burden in order to ensure regulatory compliance, and that they also want to be able to freely communicate online with users, including sending and receiving data. ZSentry provides such benefits in terms of regulatory compliance, increased utility, usability, mobility, unified communications, and in preventing user data from being disclosed in case of data breach, which eliminates notification risk (Safe Harbor). More on ZSentry regulatory compliance & Safe Harbor»

What are the terms of service for recipients using free secure reading and reply?
These ZSentry services are authorized automatically by ZSentry Premium users to their recipients and are regulated by the ZSentry Basic Terms of Service»

How can I offer the service to my customers?
Just signup for ZSentry Premium and your customers will be able to use the free ZSentry secure reading and reply. If you would like to try for one week, prices start at $4.99 for the one-week license. We also offer year plans including discounts for volume purchasing, education, non-profits, and government. You may pay be paying less for each of your users and customers than mailing a standard postal letter per week. Pricingclick

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